Recycled Plastic Raised Beds

Strong, sustainable and maintenance free


British Recycled Plastic offer tough, maintenance-free recycled plastic raised beds which can be tailored to suit your exact specification. As recycled plastic is chemically inert, it doesn’t degrade or rot in any way so there is no need for any harmful preservatives to be applied and, as a consequence, there is no leeching into the soil.

Whether you are looking for recycled plastic raised beds for allotments, schools’ kitchen gardens or for private use, we have a wide variety of sizes available or can just as easily supply material for a bespoke design.

Our kits come in three heights, 300mm for kneeling, 600mm for seated access and 750mm for users who prefer not to bend, two widths of 500mm and 1000mm and six lengths, 1 metre, 1.5 metres, 2 metres, 2.5 metres. 3 metres and 3.5 metres.

Recycled raised beds
Recycled Plastic Raised Bed

If you have existing raised beds that are rotting away and do not conform to our kit sizes, we would be more than happy to cut our recycled plastic lumber planks to your specific requirements. Just get in touch to discuss it with one of the team.

Why choose recycled plastic for your raised beds?

There are a number of materials to choose from once you’ve decided that raised beds are for you. Wood is readily available and easy to work with but even when treated it rots quickly and is by far the least long lasting option. Sleepers are more durable but heavy and difficult to cut. They may also have been treated with preservatives in the past which will leak into your soil making it toxic. Bricks need a building expert on hand to ensure a safe construction and can also leak toxic lime into your soil. Concrete blocks will leave you needing either machinery or a strong team of helpers to put into place.

Recycled plastic raised beds are a permanent, maintenance free option that come either fully assembled or in easy to construct kit form. No heavy lifting, no plant hire and no team of body builders required. All our raised beds are constructed from 100% recycled British plastic and are reinforced by a set of plastic internal cross braces which hold the walls firm and disappear from view once filled with soil.

What are the benefits of recycled plastic raised beds?

Larged raised beds

Wheelchair user friendly

Raised beds are a perfect option for you whether you want to grow flowers, soft fruit or vegetables but have a limited area in which to work. The 500mm wide raised beds can be placed directly against a wall which saves valuable space by giving you full access to your garden without the need to be able to walk around all four sides.

Limited gardening space?

If you use a wheelchair it’s probable that you will need raised beds that have a narrower reach. British Recycled Plastic have developed a range of 500mm wide beds in various lengths to make gardening easily accessible. There is an option for a 600mm high raised bed which is specifically designed to be wheelchair accessible.

What about size?

When it comes to raised beds size really does matter which is why British Recycled Plastic have designed a range of sizes to suit your need whatever it may be. With a maximum width of 1000mm all our raised beds are fully accessible without the need to walk across them with your heavy, soil compacting boots on. Height is a huge consideration too of course and there are three to choose from so whether you’re a kneeler, a sitter or a stander British Recycled Plastic has a raised bed for you.

What about the aesthetics?

Raised beds are perfect for growing flowers, soft fruits or vegetables and make an attractive as well as a practical addition to any garden. We have taken great care to ensure that our raised beds blend perfectly into your garden and both the black and brown options are designed to be a harmonious addition to you outdoor space. All the advantages of wood without the maintenance.

FAQs about raised beds

I have replaced a number of wooden raised beds in the past, often after only a few years. How long will these last?
Raised beds made from recycled plastic will last for many decades, probably even 100 years.

Will they leach any preservatives into the soil?
Not at all. They are chemically inert, neither absorbing nor releasing anything.

Do I need to buy a kit or can I make my own by just buying the lumber and fixing it together myself?
You can do either. If you have specific dimensions you wish to fill, you may prefer to buy full lengths and cut them to your exact requirements, saving a little money in the process. If you want something easy to assemble, pre-cut and with fixings supplied, a flat-packed kit is probably best for you.

Why do your kits and flat packs come in three different heights?
300mm is good general height for those people who are able to knee while attending the bed; 600mm is the perfect height for wheelchair users and 750mm is a good height for those who would prefer to stand without bending too much.

Can I buy these from garden centres?
No, they are only available direct from us. Please email your enquiries to [email protected] and let us know what you’re interested in and where you are.

How are they shipped out?
Due to the very heavy weight of these and all of our other products, they are sent out strapped to pallets through the national road haulage network. Their modular design means they will alway fit on a single pallet and so can be delivered to places inaccessible for large lorries.

nance and replacement requirements.

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